Watchung Day Camp

Confirmation Packet

Congratulations on registering for camp. This confirmation packet contains all of the key information you need for camp, and the forms you must complete and bring to orientation. Orientation is highly recommended.  If you cannot attend an orientation session, please send the completed forms with your son on the first day of camp or he will miss valuable program time until we receive all the completed forms.


Please click on and review all of the following links.  They contain important information and instructions about your son's camping experience.

  1. Watchung Cub Scout Day Camp Information Packet - Contains information on everything you need to know about camp. 
  2. Busing Information - Important information and policies regarding bus transportation
  3. Text Alerts - In addition to Facebook, Twitter and email messages, you may sign up for general and bus specific text alerts. We will try to notify you about emergencies or significant delays.
  4. Family Campfire - Everyone is invited to the Thursday evening campfire
  5. Annual Health and Medical Record FAQs - For the BSA form below
  6. Directions - for driving to camp


Orientation is highly recommended for new and returning campers. Campers and their parents are welcome at any of the sessions to meet some staff, ask questions, and hand in forms.

Orientation will be held at Watchung Day Camp on several dates prior to and during camp:

  • Specific dates are TBA

Drop in between 5:30 and 7:00 pm. Bring all of your completed forms. Wear comfortable outdoor clothing and footwear. Orientation is held rain or shine.

You are welcome at any of the sessions before your first week at camp. The earlier sessions tend to be the most crowded. If you are unable to make an orientation session, please bring your completed forms on the first day of camp

Forms to complete and bring to orientation

The following forms must be completed and sent with your son to orientation or the first day of camp.

  1. Annual Health and Medical Record - All campers, staff, parents, and volunteer leaders attending camp must completely fill out parts A and B. This form must be completed annually, and forms for those under 18 need to be signed by a parent/guardian. No doctor's signature is required. Be sure to keep the original for your records and make a copy for the camp. No one can attend camp without this form.
  2. Berkeley Heights Community Pool waiver - To participate in the weekly swimming pool trip

Other forms you may need

  1. Release of Campers to Others - Used if your camper will be released from camp to adults other than the parent/guardian. Submit completed form to bus monitor or parking lot check-in staff on the first day of camp.
  2. Camper Release Verification Form - Used whan a camper needs to leave camp early or is changing their method of transportation for the day (such as from bus to car).
  3. Pool Lunch Order Form - Each camper has the option to purchase lunch from the pool snack bar during their weekly pool trip. If you would like to pre-order lunch, please return this form with payment to the camp office no later than 9:30 am the day your camper goes to the pool.
    The Berkeley Heights Community Pool also offers a full snack bar where the campers can purchase food items including fountain drinks, bottled drinks, ice cream, French fries, and candy.

If you have any questions about camp or these forms, please contact Camping Services at 973-765-9322 x222.  Remember, if you need financial assistance to attend camp this summer, please check out the Warren Wheeler Adventureship.

The camp phone number when camp is in session is (908) 654-4510

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