Camp Wheeler


Here is a sample of some of the exciting programs
offered at Camp Wheeler Day Camp!




All Scouts have the opportunity to visit the archery range at least two times a week. Scouts are instructed on the parts of the bow and are showed how to properly load and fire a bow and arrow. Campers shoot compound bows at 48 inch round archery targets. Scouts are required to wear arm guards and are overseen by a certified range officer.

BB GunsBB Guns

BB guns are offered to all campers at least twice a week. Scouts are instructed on the parts of the gun as well as how to safely load and fire a gun. Campers shoot at different sized paper targets as well as cans, playing cards, and balloons. Safety goggles are worn at all times and Scouts are overseen by a certified range officer. (View statement on BB Guns at camp).


CraftsHere the Scouts are introduced to basic Scouting skills such as knot tying, knife safety, outdoor cooking, and fire building. They have some fun and learn some outdoor skills too.  Scouts visit Scoutcraft twice a week.


Scouts work on projects ranging from bird houses to mobiles. This summer the campers will work on knights and wizards themed crafts. Scouts attend crafts twice a week and their completed projects are sent home with them on Friday.

Scooter HockeyGames

The games area is located on the top of the hill in the middle of our activities field. We play a wide variety of games and this year. At games, Scouts have the opportunity to earn sports belt loops and play such games as kickball, pillow polo, and parachute games. We also have our Jedi Training zip line and the Nerf action adventure.


RC TrucksSlingshots is a Webelos only program that Scouts attend 3 times a week. Scouts use wrist rockets to shoot paintballs at a variety of theme related targets. Scouts are instructed how to safely load and fire a wrist-rockets and are required to wear goggles at all times. The area is overseen by a trained range officer.

Radio Controlled Trucks

Radio controlled vehicles give teams the chance to build obstacle courses, then race their vehicles on their opponent's course.

Pool Swimming Pool

At Camp Wheeler, Scouts swim everyday at our on site Olympic sized swimming pool. Scouts change in private changing rooms and must shower before entering the pool. Scouts are required to take a swim test so that they can be grouped according to their ability level. The ability levels are whitefish, redfish, and bluefish. Whitefish are only allowed to swim in the shallow end of the pool, redfish are permitted in the shallow and middle sections, and bluefish are allowed to swim in all areas of the pool. Our lifeguards give swimming lessons and Scouts also have lots of opportunities for free swim. The buddy system is used throughout the pool area and Scouts are Action Archerysupervised by no less than four certified lifeguards.

Action Archery

This is a Webelos only program offered to Scouts three times a week. Scouts use compound and recurve bows to shoot blunt tip arrows at different targets at six different stations. Scouts are required to wear arm guards and are overseen by a certified range officer.


Located on our scenic lake, Scouts are taught how to row a boat. Campers are required to wear a life jacket at all times once stepping foot on the dock, and are taught how to move safely in a boat. Whitefish and redfish are required to have counselors in the boats with them while bluefish are permitted to go in the boats with other bluefish. Certified lifeguards oversee the boating area at all times. Zip LineIn addition to row boats, we have canoes for Webelos, pedal boats and funyaks.

Training Zip Line

Future superheroes need to learn to fly.  Our training zip line provides a great way to learn, as you "fly" through the air in our specially designed "flying harness".


Scouts learn about ecology, nature and their surrounding environment. Through a series of nature walks campers learn about the plants and animals within our area.


Indoor climbing at the Kent Center provides both vertical and horizontal climbing opportunities for all ages.  The cargo nets are another fun activity in the climbing center. The outdoor bouldering wall lets Scouts climb horizontally around an 8ft high rock wall.  Scouts wear a safety helmet and are spotted at all times by trained staff members in our climbing programs.


RaftingRafting is a Webelos only program offered two times a week. On the first day campers learn basic orienteering skills using a compass and how to properly paddle the raft. On the second day they paddle the raft across the lake where they must use a compass to navigate a series of trails to find buried treasure. Scouts then proceed to paddle back across the lake where they could be attacked by pirates. Scouts are escorted by a certified lifeguard and wear a life jacket at all times while on the raft.


Fishing takes place in several areas around our scenic lake. Campers use bamboo fishing poles and barb-less hooks to fish for pickerel, sunfish, blue gills, and large mouth bass. We provide all of the necessary equipment. By the end of the week Cubs will complete the requirements to earn the Fishing belt loop.


Here the Scouts learn some introductory science while having a lot of fun. One fun activity every week is making colored slime! If you love science, be sure to come for STEM week where Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics are part of all programs.

Mountain BikesMountain Biking

Webelos have an opportunity to ride our 18 speed mountain bikes on some of the great biking trails at Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation. We have plenty of bikes available for all Webelos. Scouts are given instruction and trails are chosen based on their ability.  All riders wear proper helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads at all times.


In our Archeology program, Cub Scouts learn about the history of Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation.  The archeology pit gives Scouts the opportunity to search for artifacts next to actual colonial ruins!


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