Webelos Resident Camp

Confirmation Packet

Congratulations on registering for camp  This confirmation packet contains all of the key information you need for camp, and the forms you must complete and bring on the first day of camp. 


Please click on and review all of the following links.  They contain important information and instructions about your son's camping experience.

  1. Webelos Resident Camp Parent/Leaders' Guide - Contains important information about what to bring, programs, and the daily schedule.
  2. Annual Health and Medical Record FAQs - For the BSA form below
  3. Youth Protection Training is required for all adults staying overnight at summer camp.  You can take the course online at myscouting.org.
  4. Directions - for driving to camp


The following forms must be completed and brought to camp.

  1. Annual Health and Medical Record - All campers, staff, parents and volunteer leaders attending camp must completely fill out parts A and B.  If you are attending camp for both sessions, you must also complete part C and have it signed by certified and licensed heath-care provider. This form must be completed annually and forms for those under 18 need to be signed by a parent/guardian. Be sure to keep the original for your records and make a copy for the camp. No one can attend camp without this form.
  2. Three Strikes Rule - Discipline policy

If you have any questions about camp or these forms, please contact the Camping Services Department at 973-765-9322 x222.  Remember, if you need financial assistance to attend camp this summer, please check out the Warren Wheeler Adventureship.

The camp phone number is (973) 983-9075

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